Dede Satoe was founded in November 2011 in Surabaya, Indonesia. Using available raw materials in Surabaya and its surroundings (JATIM). With various flavors, Sambel Dede Satoe is suitable for eating companions, for example: for heavy or light meals. Sambel Dede Satoe, a ready-to-eat, home-made chili sauce, fantastic spicy, comes with a unique flavor variant, without vitsin (MSG) and HACCP certified. In the production process, 8 workers and 20 mothers around the house are assisted to clean chilies and shallots. National market absorption is even introducing our products to the international market, such as Los Angeles (USA), although still in small quantities. Over the past 7 years, we have received various awards at the City of Surabaya, East Java, and National levels. Sambel Dede Satoe still has aspirations in the future, namely wanting to globalize Sambel Dede Satoe throughout the country by continuing to try in the marketing and production fields, one of which is to maintain product quality and improve product quality by producing clean and hygienic ways

Our Certification