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History of Sambel DD1 Pt 3

Our product is made because it started from a hobby that has continued to grow into a business that produces rupiah coffers. With an initial capital of IDR 50,000 to buy 1 kg of chilies and others. Starting his business in 2011 from 1kg of raw material, increasing by 5kg starting from 1 variant, 10kg and continuing to grow to what it is today with a mixture of 150kg / day with 15 variants of sambel and 3 variants of spices. Without substances: dyes, and MSG Mono Sodium Glutamate. Initially it was sold to friends, relatives, and others who were willing to accept my product. And now the market has entered the modern market nationally and has even touched the international market (LA and Virginia USA). Sambal is made because the raw material is available in East Java and it is proven that the market can absorb it. The international market is still wide open for market absorption.

Published on : 01/02/2021

History of Sambel DD1 Pt 2

Penyerapan pasar sudah Nasional bahkan sedang memperkenalkan produk kami ke pasar Internasional, seperti ke Los Angles (USA) walaupun masih dalam jumlah sedikit. Selama 7 tahun, kami telah mendapatkan berbagai penghargaan-penghargaan di tingkat Kota Surabaya, Jawa Timur, dan Nasional. Sambel Dede Satoe masih mempunyai cita-cita kedepannya yaitu ingin mengglobalkan Sambel Dede Satoe ke seluruh negara dengan cara terus berusaha di bidang pemasaran dan bidang produksi salah satu nya mempertahankan kualitas produk dan meningkatkan kualitas produk dengan cara berproduksi yang bersih dan higienis.

Published on : 01/02/2021

History of Sambel Dede Satoe

Dede Satoe was founded in November 2011 in Surabaya, Indonesia. Using available raw materials in Surabaya and its surroundings (JATIM). With various flavors, Sambel Dede Satoe is suitable for eating companions, for example: for heavy or light meals. Sambel Dede Satoe, a ready-to-eat, home-made chili sauce, fantastic spicy, comes with a unique flavor variant, without vitsin (MSG) and HACCP certified. In the production process, 8 workers and 20 mothers around the house are assisted to clean chilies and shallots.

Published on : 01/02/2021